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Tomorrowland: How Much Does It Cost? 2020 Updates & Prices

Tomorrowland Belgium is hands down one of the biggest and most famous electronic dance music festivals in the world, uniting well over over 400,000 attendees to under the Belgian sky of Boom, over 2 weekends. With a unique storytelling and incredibly produced attractive stages, it offers a wide selection of EDM subgenres, divided into multiple areas and stages. If you’d like a better idea of how famous this music festival is, note that general admission tickets regularly sellout within an hour during the pre-sale and worldwide sales.

General access to Tomorrowland Belgium for one weekend costs € 225 (pre-sale) & € 281 (worldwide sale). The comfort (VIP) zone access & 4 other stages for one weekend costs € 380 (pre-sale) & € 496 (worldwide sale). One-day general access costs € 94 onwards. All prices exclude service fees. Below we will also provide you with a list of things to consider when planning the full cost of your experience.

Unfortunately, due to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, these are exceptional times for everyone. The festival’s regular dates were naturally cancelled. Check out our article on what happens when a festival is cancelled for an in-depth look.

As a community, people are sad, disappointed, and angry – but also hopeful, because we know we are much stronger than this setback. What started in 2005 became a strong global symbol of life, love, dance and unity. The show must go on!

Source: Obra do próprio/ Author: wiiilokan (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Tomorrowland 2020: The Cheapest (yet still awesome) Version!

Although the physical event grounds will not be filled with people from all over the world, Tomorrowland will still happen this year. And it will probably be a unique experience that will go down in history.

Tomorrowland management and the team behind the magical event have created a place that allows everyone to celebrate intensely, “where you can share your emotions and unite with People of Tomorrow from all around the world. Music and entertainment lie at its heart, brought to you by none less than the world’s finest artists.”

This new world will come to you, and can never be entered physically. This is the result of the incredible team of storytellers and creators, faced with the coronavirus adversities, they’ve built a whole new world in which People of Tomorrow can expect the unexpected. The magnificent and surreal environment will feature familiar but also newly-designed stages and an unprecedented spectacle.

As with the other editions of Tomorrowland, music and spectacular shows will be central to this event. 8 different stages in total are created – including Atmosphere, Core, Freedom Stage, joined by 3 new stages, which have been specially created and designed by the creative team and 3D artists. Each stage will feature music from the world’s best artists in dance and electronic music (from all genres) and a large portion of the fireworks and laser shows which are characteristic of the festival.

In addition to the performances, there will be all kinds of interactive experiences the users can choose: inspirational webinars, games and workshops related to lifestyle, food, fashion and the Tomorrowland Foundation. Together with the performances, Tomorrowland Around the World will be a full day/weekend experience between 16h00–01h00 CEST. There will be a ‘time-zone-friendly’ viewing option for visitors from Asia and North or South America.


Tomorrowland Around The World opens on July 25 & 26, 2020. Using a laptop, smartphone or tablet (naturally, you’ll be able to cast it on a bigger screen), you’ll have access to this incredible new world.

In 2020, Tomorrowland is also providing ticket holders with access to a special “Relive” platform to enjoy the performances for a week after the event is over. The organizers also thought about groups of friends: they’re providing package options for groups. Check out the full details below.

Tomorrowland 2020 Prices & Packages:

• Day Ticket: Access to Tomorrowland Around the World on Saturday, July 25, 2020 or Sunday, July 26, 2020.
Access to the Relive platform is not included.

• Home Party Tickets: You and your friends get access on Saturday, July 25, 2020 and Sunday July 26, 2020.
You also receive 5, 10 or 20 access codes to the Relive platform depending if you buy a Home Party ticket, Home Party ticket – L or Home Party ticket – XL. Share those codes with your friends after you experienced Around the World together so you can all relive all performances for one week. (available from July 27 – August 2).

• Relive Ticket: Relive all performances for one week, available from July 27 until August 2. You can buy this ticket as from July 27.

Ticket Name
Weekend TicketAccess on Saturday July 25, 2020 and Sunday July 26, 2020 + 1 access code to the Relive platform from July 27 until August 2€ 20,00
Day TicketAccess on Saturday July 25, 2020 or Sunday July 26, 2020. Access to the Relive platform is not included.€ 12,50
Home Party TicketAccess on Saturday July 25, 2020 and Sunday July 26, 2020 + 5 access codes to the Relive platform from July 27 until August 2.€ 50,00
Home Party Ticket – LAccess on Saturday July 25, 2020 and Sunday July 26, 2020 + 10 access codes to the Relive platform from July 27 until August 2. € 100,00
Home Party Ticket – XLAccess on Saturday July 25, 2020 and Sunday July 26, 2020 + 20 access codes to the Relive platform from July 27 until August 2.€ 200,00
Relive TicketRelive all performances for one week, available from July 27 until August 2.€ 10,00



2021 Tomorrowland Ticket Prices

EDM Festival Insider is providing you with the best tool we have found to compare and calculate the upcoming festival prices without facing any issues.

CLICK HERE to access the tools to help with festival planning. We are linking to the EDM Festival Guide database which includes the current ticket prices and who created a calculator that can determine the exact pricing for an individual or a group looking for general admission tickets. Further, they have implemented a Pearl Converter which can convert “Pearls” (the currency used at the Tomorrowland festival site) into Euros, or many other currencies. Food and drink prices from past years can be also found there, as well as past maps from 2017 going forward.

In Addition To Ticket Prices

Going to Tomorrowland does involve more than just the ticket price. For this reason, we’re compiling an estimate of things to consider. Logically, these numbers are not set in stone and they will vary from a person to another. Note that we’re also taking into consideration someone coming from the USA to Belgium. Of course, this will not be the case for everyone some festival attendees live in Europe and will be going by train, taxi or their own vehicles. Consider the below list a quick checklist of things to keep in mind while preparing your expected budget for the best festival experience.


The Flight

The cost of the flight for one person from the US to Belgium, ranges a bit depending on when you buy your ticket. If you’re going in June/July try aiming to buy your ticket in February, even though you wouldn’t have secured your tickets to the festival just yet. A round trip flight currently costs around $1,143. You can always find flight deals that might take the price down a few hundred bucks.


The Food & Drinks

Tomorrowland menu items are reasonably priced for a festival of this magnitude. Purchasing anything in the festival requires the Tomorrowland currency: Pearls. 1 Pearl – 1.6 Euros which is 1.8 US Dollars (at the time of writing this).

A 0.33L water will cost you 4.00 € (2 Pearls). A mojito would cost 11.60 €, a classic beef burger would cost  10.80 €. A burger will be between 8-12pearls. And yeah you’ll need more than 5 beers. Booze will be at least 7 pearls. Unless you are camping and cooking there, you need to consider your spending as this is a full day event. You can easily spend a range of anything between 150 € to 400 € on food and snacks. So keep that in mind. An average for a moderate drinker (excluding breakfast) would be around 250 € which you can load into your bracelet.

If you are camping, then there are also paid showers that you need to account for plus extras like shisha and merch if you want any.


Not Camping? Then Add Lodging To The Cost

People love camping, it’s part of the festival experience. But there are some people who don’t feel like camping is for them. For this reason, some decide to stay in a hotel. Generally you can expect to pay about €80 to €200 a night depending on where you stay. In a hotel, it’s easy to expect a certain minimum of amenities and service. Also note that during the Tomorrowland festival, hotels in the area will be having special package deals made for festival attendees. Choose your hotel carefully. Some will be hard to reach at night, some will be far away and some will be prettier than others.

On the other hand, if you stay in Dreamville on the Tomorrowland festival grounds, you have a few additional options. There are different camping packages and options which range between €324 up to €1.344,00 (this is including the ticket price). With the higher priced comfort passes you get a limited edition Tomorrowland tent, double air mattress (if taking a package for two people) and two sleeping bags for one person. Note that The more your camping costs, the closer it is to Tomorrowland, Dreamville being the furthest and Mansion being the closest.



Transport To The Festival

If you’re staying in Dreamville, you obviously don’t have to worry about this. But if you’re outside the festival grounds it’s fairly easy to get to the festival.

If you’re staying near the town of Boom (In Brussels, Antwerp, Mechelen, and the nearby areas) the bus will pick you up. There are designated “Tomorrowland Shuttles” that run every few hours and it’s only a few euros to get to the festival. So total cost for three days is about €30. The trouble is getting home from the festivals as the buses are jam packed.

Busses will be late for almost everything and the drivers might not know exactly where to go. Prepare to wait! Also note that busses leave at designated times and for some hotels, this is really early. If you like to sleep in, you’ll have to arrange your own ride to the festival, you might end up paying for a taxi. Speaking of which, taxi from Brussels airport to Tomorrowland will cost around 100 euros depending on the time, traffic and size of your group. Both Dreamville and Tomorrowland info desks will give you their numbers and taxis are available all the time near Dreamville Rainbow 2. Some sources claim busses from Tomorrowland and Hotels to the nearest train station, Brussels airport and other destinations are FREE and they leave pretty often. Definitely make use of them!

Festival Wear

Without a doubt, you’ll want to dress to impress. Bright colors, tank tops, shorts and flower crowns are sported throughout the festival. Try to keep the spending low on this and wear things from previous events or find some cool items at a great cost which you can also wear outside the festival, in everyday life. We’ve mentioned a cool resource in a previous blog post which you can check out HERE or  you can head over to our SHOP for an awesome selection of unique items.

Why not add a few new items, maybe some neon and vibrant pieces to your wardrobe? if you’re traveling after, we recommend you try to pack extremely light.  In total, your festival wear can average between $60 and $200.



Souvenirs & Merch

Tomorrowland offers a long list of items you can purchase whether on their online store or during the festival in person. There are multiple stores in Dreamville and the festival grounds. So if you run out of an item you can always check to see if they have it and I’d assume they would. Although, we don’t recommend buying anything at the festival as items will be overpriced. You can also check out their official online store. A slogan cap is currently priced at $53.71, Bright night T-shirt from an older collection goes for $30.69. The official Tomorrowland flag is priced at $53.71 at the online store. So there’s an idea of what to expect.


The bottom line is this: your experience at such a massive dance music festival will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. The memories you’ll hold after spending even one day there will be priceless and you’ll always get the chance to save a little money when planning your personal experience. But no matter how much you end up paying, the money is totally worth it!

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  1. 2020 has ruined all small big happiness. I wanted to attend the music festival but this pandemic has spoiled my plan. I hope in 2021 it happens. Cant wait.

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