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EDM Rave Designs: Items You Can Wear & Have All The Time

Music festivals are a safe haven for human expression. You can be whoever you want, wear whatever you feel like wearing and it becomes easier to feel however you’d like to feel. In essence, EDM clothing is all about pure creativity with literally something for everyone!

But what if you’re looking for something you can wear or have (like a flag, bag, pouch, or pillow) all year round, and all the time instead of just getting an outfit or item for a one time event?

Welcome to the Redbubble Impulse Shop. Where we post a lot of designs on a regular basis. You’ll find trance and techno music themed items, general dance music items, some specific love for artists like Armin van Buuren, Carl Cox, dancefloors and women in EDM. Discover a blend of styles, looks and products which appeal to the young and old. Every dance music fan can browse the show an take a closer look at items that speak to their wants and passions.  All of this, without the glitter and glam which you usually see on the dance floor at events.

All items on the store are stuff you can enjoy during your everyday life without looking “off” or out of place.

On the other hand, we’ve been creating designs which appeal to the adventurers, television series fans, there’s simply something for everyone no matter what you’re passionate about. The EDM family is huge and includes gamers, and game-loving fans, cat and dog owners and lovers. The shop also features so many exotic items, and funny gimmicks that you can gift to your friends and family for any occasion.

Coming back to EDM festivals, everyone know that these require a large amount of walking and spending time outside, so it is important that your outfits not only look good but also keep you comfortable. The Impulse shop got you covered with clothes that are great for everyday wear, all the way to something to add to your wardrobe that will get everyone around you talking, which you can wear at a show.


Here’s What You Can Find On The Store

An easy way to add fun and design to your outfit are the available leggings and mini skirts. Grab a pair of these and blast of into your amazing festival adventures.

Looking for something more “basic”? There are hundreds of shirts, hoodies and tops for men and women. Most festivals are warmed well by the sun during the day, but the night time can get pretty chilly. If you are going to wear a tank, why not add some amazing art to your look? With this kind of design, your tank can be the centerpiece of the entire outfit. Take a closer look at the available tank tops here or shop for a comfortable hoodie or sweatshirt that works perfectly with your everyday fashion style. These artistic creations are the perfect way to express that beautiful soul of yours, all while staying cool and comfortable no matter what you’re doing, festival or not, all year round.

And if you’re more of a dresses gal, you’ll find something that you can wear at school, out with your friends or of course the next music festival!



Essential Accessories

Being outdoors for an extended periods of time, you’ll probably need a backpack that can carry the important items that you don’t want to lose such as money, ID’s, phones, along with the essentials like sunscreen, chapstick, drinks, etc. The Impulse shop got you covered with tote bags and draw string bags that are top quality items. The draw string bags are also a great option to have around a festival: they’re efficient and lightweight, perfect to have on even when you’re dancing or walking around the festival grounds. If you’re interested you can always take a closer here look and choose your desired design that would work well with your overall look.



Decorate, Accessorize, Make Your Surroundings More YOU!

With the incredible art available on the store, you have a varied selection of items to choose from to make the living space a perfect reflection of you. Let your place, room, office and whatever living area you prefer become a reflection of your character and your style!

Add Some Fun With Stickers

It’s an incredibly simple way of personalizing any item you have.

When you also give stickers as gifts, people start putting them on their phone cases, and their friends see this badge of honor and get interested in the theme of the sticker. The Impulse shop has a ton of shapes, ideas and themes to choose from. If your budget is limited, this can be a great way to personalize and express yourself on many of your personal items or within the living space.

Phone Cases & Laptop Sleeves

Although it is known that nobody will take their laptop with them to a music festival, it remains a regular item everyone uses in their daily life. So adding a personal touch to it, is a great way to express yourself and add a personal touch that people around you can notice and admire. Let everyone around you know about your love for dance music, adventure, a cool television show, dogs, cats and more! There’s literally something for everyone on the Impulse Redbubble shop.

Expect Quality Products

The Impulse Redbubble shop is now also featuring items that are created in collaboration with global brands and some of the well-known television series. Expect your items to be printed in the best quality and on some top quality products.

What are you waiting for? Check out the store’s main page here and shop your favorite items, no matter what you’re obsessed with or theme you’re currently into.  You will receive your bought products in a cool packaging form with a personal thank you for us! Take a closer look at some of the hundreds of currently available items and test the service out for yourself. You might end up wanting to send more cool products to your friends and family!

We’re always adding new designs to the store so we recommend you bookmark the shop’s main page and keep checking in for some awesome items!


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