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Are Rave Parties Dangerous? Here’s All You Need To Know

On this blog, we focus a lot on music festivals. But everyone also hears a lot of talk and people using the word “rave”. Similar to electronic dance music festivals (also known as EDM festivals), a rave is an electronic music dance party that lasts all night. It can feature performances from both DJs and/or live music performers. The term comes from the Jamaican word for party, rave. But true rave parties really didn’t begin until the 1980s. A rave may be legal or not depending upon where (and how) the event is held. Partying all night is not illegal, but activities associated with raves may sometimes be.

Like every large gatherings of people, and concerts in general, raves includes some of the usual risks: over heating or getting tired. You might also become uneasy due to the laser light flashes and the loud music. No major issues happen if you’re not drinking too much or using any kind of drugs.

Keep in mind, most concerts get pretty hot and there are typically a lot of people moving and dancing around. This can result in you feeling hot, or you can potentially get caught in a rowdy crowd and get knocked around or a little banged up. In normal situations, this isn’t much of a risk as it doesn’t cause any harm. Mostly you can spot rowdy crowds and avoid them and you can be responsible and move out of the crowd entirely if you feel too hot, exhausted, or weak. If you feel  tired, take a calm walk around and get a drink.

Party Responsibly

A good tip to keep in mind is to always stay hydrated. When you buy a bottle of water, make sure it’s seal isn’t broken or the bottle isn’t tampered with. Most rave events are known to have people using some sort of drugs. It’s been part of the electronic music culture for so many years. But you don’t have to use any substance to fit in. I’m always attending dance music events to enjoy the vibe and the music, and never advocate the use on any sort of drug or substance. If you intend to find substance at a rave you are running legal and medical risks. In bigger cities, there can be undercover cops who pretend to buy, hunting down sellers. Of course if you managed to pick, out of all the people, the cop to try and buy from, I’d imagine you’d find yourself in a lot of trouble. Early rave movement in many countries featured the common use of ecstasy. Not everyone who attended early raves used the drug, but many did. Today’s raves, legal or not, are marked by not only the use of ecstasy but also of other drugs like methamphetamine, cocaine, and hallucinogens. Given the dark and loud atmosphere of most rave parties, it is fairly easy to spike a drink. To stay safe, always make sure you’re receiving a drink that’s made as you’d expect without any added substances.

On another hand, if you mix several types of alcohol while dancing around the event, you might be creating a toxic cocktail that will definitely bring you down and affect your physical well-being. Vomiting or feeling sick while being out with friends is not fun. It also might affect others around you and cause some unwanted friction within the crowds. Speaking of friction, you also want to avoid aggressive-looking individuals. Those usually either consumed too much substances and are not thinking clearly, or are just looking for a fight. Staying clear from them will help you avoid unwanted situations and problems you’re better off without.

In General, Issues Are Rare

The major kind of danger at a rave is usually when drunk people (who usually don’t go to raves) are involved. They somehow get very confused because everyone them is smiling and having a good time. As we previously discussed in several blog posts, people go to raves to escape their normal life, to feel like they belong to a place of love, respect, unity and understanding. In general, people go to these gatherings and events to enjoy music and have a good time. And this is is what happens. Rarely do we witness any major issues happening.

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Things To Keep In Mind

There are a couple of good points to keep in mind, whether you’re going to a rave, a loud concert, a club night…you name it. Always put your health as a top priority. Meaning, protect your hearing by using earplugs. Check out our guide on the different types and what we recommend HERE. You only have two ears and you need to take good care of them while enjoying the loud music at these events.

The other advice that’s worth mentioning again: stay hydrated. Water is vital and when in these festivals and big gatherings you need to help your body take in all that’s happening around it, in addition to sweating and dancing, you need water to give your body what it needs to keep on going.

We also suggest keeping your belongings safe and wearing comfortable clothes that you might not value should you sweat a lot in them or spill a drink on them….everyone knows these accidents might happen. Always keep yourself in check, know your limits and stay safe and help keep the people you’re with safe as well.

You can actually enjoy yourself more when you go to a rave sober. You’ll remember what was happening and will experience the music, the lights and the whole event with a clear head. You will be better able to see what kind of place you just so happened to step into. Once you start with the alcohol drinks, shots and the drugs, things will get hazy and hard to recognize. There’s no need to compare if you’ll have much more fun when you’re sober or not, but remembering what happened at a rave or event will keep these memories with you and you’ll know what to expect for next time. 

Sensory Overload

It’s a magnificent sensory overload, with no drugs needed. The music, the lights, lasers, and visuals, are all there to help you get out of your head and lose yourself in this environment for a while. Many people around you will take drugs to assist with that process. You have to be ok with that even if you don’t partake, it’s not even a requirement. You have to be open to letting go and being in an overwhelming environment where almost anything goes. If you feel judgemental against loud music, high people (those mostly be super friendly because the types of drugs known to be taken at raves are about being social and loving), or crowds, you likely won’t enjoy yourself at all.

One last piece of advice: make sure you’ve checked out the artists who will be playign at the end, and listen to their music and previous live sets to see if you like the music before you go – cause if you do, you’ll be in for a treat!

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