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The Ultimate EDM Festival Outfit Checklist For Guys

Music festivals, a safe haven for human expression, where you can be whoever you want. A place where everyone can dress they way they want, and to feel however you want. Clothing for EDM festivals can easily be described as one of the most creative types of clothing out there, just a quick search for styles and trends online will show you vibrant colors, and a vast selection of looks and styles anyone can create or adopt. It also focuses a lot of clothing styles for women and ideas created by girls. But guys, if you just show up in a pair of jeans and a jersey, like you might do at any other regular concert, you’re going to be quite disappointed. It’s true that you might feel comfortable in those, but you’ll be surrounded by people with great costumes, some festivals feature so much art in many varied forms that you will end up feeling a bit disappointed with yourself and quite sad.

It’s very easy to come up with a unique outfit for you once you’ve nailed down your other essentials. Guys should focus on: Comfort and functionality. From well-designed shirts to comfortable pants & footwear. Your checklist should focus on items that keep you moving, while making you stand out.

Keeping in mind that EDM festivals require a large amount of walking and spending time outside, it is important that festival outfits not only look good but also keep you comfortable. There are a vast amount of creatively designed shirts, tops and hoodies made from lightweight and top quality material that you can choose from. As well as aiming for the best types of pants, some people might go for a creative costume option which makes them stand out and strike a few interesting conversations. Some major additions to any guy’s outfit are the accessories: from backpacks, sunglasses and caps to hydration packs, necklaces and bandanas. These are the items, which will make each outfit unique and bring a personal touch to it. It’s always more about expressing yourself, your taste and your ideas.

Each festival presents a unique fashion style that might differ from another. Some events are outlandish and colorful, like the Electric Daisy Carnival, some are more street-themed with a hippie touch for example, like the styles you can spot at Electric Forest and Coachella. EDM festivals, as previously mentioned, are a place of self expression and where you will not be judged for how you look. Even if it’s your first time at a festival, don’t be afraid to bring your own unique style to the event and add a touch of creativity to the whole festival experience.

Most importantly, no matter what you choose to wear, make sure you pick something light and breathable which also makes you feel as comfortable as possible for long hours. Let’s get going and explore some tips and common festival items for men to get your creative juices going.



Functionality And Comfort


We cannot stress this enough, sometimes people get busy with the creative ideas and images on their clothing that they forget this one ultimately important factor: Comfort.

Choosing something light, that you don’t care much about is important as it will provide necessary comfort, which you will need while you dance, run, jump and move around the festival grounds. You don’t want to be miserable wearing something that looks good but restricts your movement or is uncomfortable. Keeping in mind that the festivals can get quite crowded and messy, you should not be caring much about your clothing. That means don’t wear your best or most expensive clothing. That way, you will not feel bad for accidentally spilling a drink, sweating a lot, or getting all sorts of dirt on this shirt you’re wearing, compared to bringing a new item of clothing, which cost you a fortune. Comfort comes first indeed but there’s also a major aspect to take note of: functionality.

You might want to go for something that can hold your essential items, like a light belt which goes well with your outfit colors, some light pants with several pockets, anything that can be of use and provide functional safety while you’re partying the weekend away will work.


Shirts, Tanks & Tops


Your options for tops are limitless, from the basic tank top to the custom printed shirt or even having no shirt at all. Starting off with the most common choice, the Tshirt.

T-shirts can have special custom-made designs printed all over, that way you can go full-on creative and design your own unique shirt. Beyond the basic prints, designs can feature UV reactive materials that glow in the dark, a great twist and addition to your overall look. On another hand, tank tops will usually be the most popular choice at a festival.

Another choice will be the button down shirts, or a Hawaiian shirt. Usually, you’ll have them unbuttoned to give breathability during the festival as it can become quite hot on the dance floor.

A lot of guys will prefer a sports jersey, usually a basketball or football one. But due to the heat, one might want to seriously consider protecting themselves from chaffing. When it’s hot and you don’t want to deal with anything you can consider wearing a Bro Tank. Make sure you’re purchasing a quality tank top, maybe having a nice design, logo or icon. An easy choice will be anything that can be paired with any type of pants or shorts.

On another hand, going shirtless is a valid option as well, especially if the guy has been putting long hours at the gym and would like to flaunt the results out. A nice twist to this look will be in the form of adding some suspenders for example (check out these awesome ones that light up in full color!! They’ll surely get people’s attention!), although it is recommended to choose a durable reflective style over the LED light up options out there.

Should the festival be in the winter or spring, maybe the weather at the festival grounds changes from daytime to nighttime, wearing a special hoodie (Rick & Morty anyone?) can bring warmth and comfort while giving you the ability to keep on going for a longer time without facing any issues. We recommend a hoodie with a special print, maybe something related to the event or your favorite artist.

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In all the outfit options, some avid fans of the stars playing at the festival will go for the option of buying official merchandise and wearing that at the festivals. It can be a great option to consider but keep in mind that some items will cost extra money and if they end up tainted, torn or destroyed in some way during the festival, it will result in sadness and disappointment.


Choosing the pants


The choice of the bottom of your outfit will usually depend on the weather, from gym shorts to Bermuda shorts. Luckily, when it comes to festival clothing, guys have a ton of options.


Available in most retail stores, Cargo shorts with their multiple pockets add much needed functionality to your outfit. You can get rid of the fanny pack in this case and walk around a bit lighter. Another option of shorts are the gym shorts, but these don’t provide the safety you need, as some of these shorts have pockets that can easily lose your valuables. In this case, having a fanny pack is a good choice.

Dress shorts or Bermuda shorts provide an option right in the middle. They are semi-casual with the added functionality. Another good option to consider are the quick dry shorts.

For years, we’ve seen European men rocking the capris shorts/pants. They’re insanely comfortable, and allow you to keep on the same bottoms going from day into night. Usually made from 100% cotton, these hit the right at the calf and hold in place thanks to a drawstring. These are perfect.

No matter the type of short you consider, average builds should experiment with different lengths, but keep in mind that the longer you go the shorter it will make you appear. And if the bottom clothing is too tight then it’s not right. Also avoid wearing baggy looks to show off your definition. On another hand, if you’re not aiming for shorts there are several pants options to choose from. A great comfortable option is the Jogger which also are a great way to get a print on and personalize the outfit. Another great option is the loose-fitting harem pants. They come in multiple styles, from traditional colors, to patterns and prints.

If you attend parties like the Hardstyle shows, you might have come across the UFO pants. Unlike the Harem pants, these taper outwards to create a unique moving effect when you’re dancing.

Keep in mind that the festival location and style will help you narrow down the choices.


Consider a Costume


Costumes can be a fun option to opt for when deciding on what you’ll be wearing and taking with you to the festival. There are some essential things to consider: from the theme of the festival, to the weather and the crowd. You don’t want to be wearing something that makes you look out of place and that will bring you negative results. Break the ice with a costume that will lead to starting conversations that might lead to lasting friendships. Look at this genie in the lamp costume. We might not really recommend it, but you get the idea. These will give you a better chance to mingle and approach new people by showing you as a fun, unique person who’s the life of the party.

If you’re afraid of standing out, why not convince someone to go with you and create some kind of group costume. You can come up with any fun idea together, even a whole group of people can dress up together as one gang.

Some festivals even have communities that will coordinate a theme day, like at Electric Daisy Carnival with Pokemon day, which sounds like a great opportunity if you ask me!




When it comes to the feet, you should keep in mind that you’ll need something durable, comfortable and can handle long hours of dancing, and walking around. If your feet are unhappy, you’re going to have a bad time. So skip the flip-flops and never go barefoot, it simply doesn’t work and risks hurting your feet more. You’d also be forced to stay self-conscious taking away from the full experience and the fun. You don’t want to be wearing your best shoes either. Your shoes will get muddy, stepped on and scuffed, so opt for a pair of “beater shoes”.


Socks are some of the most needed items which are often forgotten. When choosing a pair of socks for festivals, it is recommended to go with a merino wool because of it’s anti-odor, and has sweat-wicking qualities. Fits socks are simply great, they don’t smell, they fit perfectly and don’t get grimy.


When it comes to comfort, slide on shoes are a top choice. With a solid rubber sole, these bad boys will keep your feet safe, with an upper part that will make them easy to put on and take off.

If you’re aiming for something a little more special, you can choose to wear some cool LED shoes. With LED lights in the soles, you’ll be dazzling from afar. Some shoes even have the possibility of providing you with lighting effects that follow the movements of your feet.


You can also choose sandals. An option that is not as closed as the above. Examples like Chacos are rock-solid made from a synthetic sole, which stops any sharp objects from reaching your foot. These will also hold your foot in place as soon as you put them on.


Some men will go for some Rave Boots. Although I personally don’t recommend them, they can be an option to consider. With synthetic soles, and large straps, some boots will have additional options like LED lights and other gimmicks that will bring an extra something to your overall outfit. In the end, when it comes to what you footwear you’ll have on, it all comes down to your personal preference.


What About Accessories?


When it comes to accessories, men have a large selection of items and options to choose from. Some essentials are backpacks, caps and sunglasses (especially if you’re going to an EDM festival in the summer). Others can add a fun twist to your outfit like some festival hoods, special types of custom glasses, necklaces and rings.


Spirithoods are a popular option that offers comfort and designs that let you connect with your inner animal for example. Additionally, Shawls, Pashmina, or cashmere scarves offer protection from the weather by blocking out the sun, heat, wind, and dust.


How about some themed socks? Something that can add a fun and a unique low-key twist to your outfit. You can go with a variety of colors, or choose special themed prints.


There are plenty of reasons why someone would want a face mask at a festival. It it can be dusty (Burning Man is a good example). Second, it provides protection from the sun. And third, there are times where you just don’t want people to see your face. This, solves the problem.


Back to a few basic items, you’ll probably have a backpack already which comes in handy for sure. We love this shoulder pack. Branded, or creatively designed cap (like this Samtree unisex cap for example) or hat is a must-have as well. We all know that you might already own a pair of fun glasses, in any case there are a vast array of options you can choose from as well.


Some additional items to consider are bandanas, bracelets, rings and necklaces. These are just so elegant, they’ll definitely stay on throughout the year (even after leaving the festival). A lot of festivals like Tomorrowland already have a huge selection of items to choose from which you might want to check out, copy or buy.


Additionally, with some accessories, you might want to pay tribute to your favorite artist.

Iconic artists like Daft Punk and Deadmau5 are instantly recognizable with their masks. You can show your love for them at your next festival by getting creative and making your own Deadmau5 head for example or creating some items and accessories inspired by these artists you adore.


What if it rains?


It’s best to plan ahead and know what kind of weather you are in for. In addition to the masks and costumes, a lightweight windbreaker will come in handy and will ensure that you are not lugging a heavy jacket around the festival grounds. There are hassle-free lightweight raincoats specially made to be worn above the original outfit and they’re easy to have around. Investing in gumboots can come in handy. If it’s not something you’d wear then you can choose a pair of rubber shoes. Make sure you’ve checked the weather forecast and decide on your clothing choices accordingly.


Now that you’ve checked out all the possibilities you have available, it’s time to get to work and put on an outfit that will look great, feel great, and help you express yourself as easily as possible. As you’ve seen the possibilities are endless, and men have a wide variety of accessories and items to work with. Let everyone at the next festival know what you’re all about! And most of all don’t forget to have fun!

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