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I have spent several years in the music scene as a music DJ and producer of a weekly trance and progressive trance mix show. With hundreds of hours researching and testing the best products to make any EDM experience the best it can possibly be. These items are battle-tested and can be recommended without any equivocation.
Keep in mind, however, that these products, resources and items are not necessarily all the highest-end items. My goal on this page is to recommend things that are really well priced while still maintaining a high-quality standard.
So you’re a fan of Electronic Dance Music, and you’d like to be more involved in the scene and experience several festivals and enjoy what EDM music has to offer. For this, you’re going to need some knowledge on what to look for, and some money. No one said this was going to be so cheap, and that’s because it isn’t!

It’s very important you invest the money to protect yourself with the proper earplugs, and the necessary security materials to make sure your belongings stay safe. It won’t be worth the hassle should you have to lose any valuables or official papers. I remember when I used to go to regular concerts back when the scene was starting to grow, I would come back home with a huge headache and my ears ringing. I would keep checking my belongings and touch my pockets every time someone passed next to me, it used to take from the full experience of focusing on the artist and the music and enjoying myself to the fullest. I was also lucky once to have visited the red cross booth just as I was having breathing problems and started feeling dizzy, accidents can happen and sometimes it will not be your fault but when the shit hits the fan you need to be prepared and have the necessary items to prevent yourself from facing the worst.
Cutting corners by ignoring some of the items needed during your EDM festival experience or going for cheaper options can result in far more pain and problems at a later stage than the couple of extra bucks to pay for a superior product or service. So think wisely when making your next purchase and look after yourself.



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Music Drive me Bananas Men's classic tee
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Stay Trippy Crop Sweatshirt
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Dream Catcher Unisex eco sweatshirt
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Bass Head Snap case for Samsung®
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Dream Catcher: Unisex eco raglan hoodie
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Bass Face: Snap case for iPhone®
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Music Lover Unisex organic cotton t-shirt
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Rave Head: Adidas performance polo shirt
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Music Lovers Unite: Women's Relaxed T-Shirt
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Spaced Out: All-over print recycled string bikini
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