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Recommended Festival Accessories

Are you looking to spice up your outfit and festival experience with the best look? On this page, we will provide you with the best options to have a unique look for your upcoming EDM festival experience. A few years ago, it was all about creating a unique look yourself, but with the growth of the EDM scene, many companies are now providing festival-goers with great new options, accessories and ideas.

It’s tough to compare and list all the best out there, since there are now so many options to choose from, still some people would love to have their options open and like to scout for different accessories and clothing combinations (of different brands) to do themselves. Below we start with the solution to the pocket problem, a major issue with almost all festival outfits, the FlipBelt is the EDM accessory solution you will love! In addition to that, we provide you with some cool options and handy items to spice up your look, give you a much needed boost of energy.

Let’s dive right in!


No pockets? No problem!

One of the major issues with EDM festival outfits? Not having any pockets. This inevitably leads you to putting your phone in your bra or having to awkwardly hold it while trying to have a good time throughout the festival. No matter what type of outfit you choose to wear at dance festivals, you’ll usually have a hard time finding cute rave outfits that still allow you to hold your phone, ID, and cash without having to worry about losing those essential items. The solution? FlipBelt.

FlipBelt is a single tubular pocket that perfectly complements your EDM gear. The prefect accessory to keep your essential items with you, and to simplify your festival experience and look. FlipBelt is available in 9 colors that will match all of your EDM accessories, even if you choose to wear neon rave clothes.


Stay Hydrated With These Beautiful Packs

Nothing is worse than experiencing dehydration and it’s negative effects during a festival. On another hand, why do you need to spend five bucks on a bottle of water when you can be equipped with your own bag! Check out these beautifully stylish festival-ready hydration bags which solve this problem permanently and give you plenty of room to carry your rave essential gear. Choose your favorite color or pattern, holographic designs that will perfectly match your outfit. Almost all festivals allow the use of these packs, which are designed with the festival experience in mind.


Sunglasses, Diffraction Glasses or Trippy Kaleidoscope Glasses

No matter the festival or what you will use the glasses for, a good pair will add a unique touch and style to your overall look. Protect your vision or dive down the rabbit hole of a kaleidoscope reality with these quality glasses, some are even on sale!


Let’s Glow!

I love glow in the dark. Ever since I was a young kid, these small stars that glowed in the dark were all over my bedroom ceiling, there’s just something fun about them and they do add a fun touch to anything they’re applied to.

I love these Glowing Shoelaces, they are a standard 39 inches, or 99cm and come in a pack of 12 pairs (24 individual laces). Simply charge them in the sunlight or in any light inside, the longer you expose them to light the brighter and longer they will glow. These laces can be recharged and glow an infinite amount of times.

Fan of Kandi gear? Then you will love this Glow In The Dark Skeleton Full Kandi Mask It’s a perfect touch for your halloween EDM event, or even a regular EDM festival, it will be dark at some point right? Might as well have this beautiful mask handy!

How about some Glow in The Dark EDM Clothing? Check out this beautiful high-definition graphic tee for men I’d wear it even if I’m not at a festival. It simply shows I’m a big fan of the music, which is something anyone should be proud of right? For the ladies, check out this hot item which we absolutely love or maybe something like this (reminds us of EDC).

You’ll be getting great compliments on these shirts. Whether for men or women, they fit great and the fabric is of very good quality.


Premium Flag

EDM festivals are all about love and positive connections with everyone around. It’s always a good time to spread your good vibes far and wide throughout the festival, and you can easily do this with this tapestry design. We absolutely love the design options of this company, plus once the festival is done, this will be a perfect addition to your room or living space. Made from durable yet lightweight fabric, this tapestry can be easily carried around a festival or mounted. It had a detailed print which is developed to stay vibrant in any conditions, inside or outside. The brass grommet on the top might come loose from the fabric, but the flag will hold on to the pole.


Energizing Inhaler

Whether you’re sober or not, these are amazing especially when you’re surrounded by cigarette smoke. With all the energy and activities to be done in just a short while, festivals will need you to stay energized. This energizing inhaler is awesome and gives you a good smelling energy boost every time so it’s really good to have it with you. Enjoy your essential oils anytime and anywhere with these three discreet personal inhalers. You will receive one of each color: green, blue & purple. Flat bottom design allows the inhaler to stand upright. Keep one in your pocket, your purse, your backpack or anywhere for quick and easy inhaling. It comes with the inner glass container (no plastic). This is a very nice inhaler which I highly recommend. It’s easy to use, and holds up to long use.


Custom Kandi Bracelets

How about some handmade, and to order, kandi stretch bracelets? Save yourself the trouble and enjoy these single strand acrylic pony beads strung onto stretch cording, in a variety of styles, with your wording choice. The bracelets are all measured at average wrist size at a length of 7-8 inches. The price is per bracelet, with pricing for multiples of 1, 5, and 10. As always our shipping is flat rate, so order as many as you want. You can have a look for more info here.

Every one of these is awesome and beautifully made, so many people have already ordered large batches of these. The variety is great and the they usually contact you promptly after ordering. I’m beyond impressed.

Unique Pasties

Most of the girls at EDM festivals try to get their hands on some cool nipple pasties. We recommend there unique Neva Nude Eragon Storm Surge Nipztix Pasties Nipple Covers They’re super cute and stick really well. On another hand, if you’d like to go on a more adventurous route, we recommend the beautiful Tropical Skittles Neon Orange AF Blacklight Naughty Knix Thong With Matching Nipztix Pasties. The pasties and thong combo are perfect together, the quality’s great especially the thong.

If you’re looking for something even more complex, then these iHeartRaves Rose and Daisy Flower Rave Pasties (Set of 2 Pasties) will be perfect for you. They’re unique, medical-grade, hypoallergenic, and waterproof adhesive. They’re easy and painless to remove as well and will last up to 12 hours (but it will definitely depend on how much you’re sweating).


Furry Hoods

For the ladies: How about you add some fun to your outfit with this Green Monster Hood it is sure to make you the hit of any event. Made from soft green fur, this costume hood includes a back strap so the hood can be worn on or off the head and wont fall to the ground, perfect to put on and off while you’re busy dancing on the dance floor.

For the guys: Meet the men’s top stylish faux fur coat! We do recommend checking out some specific festival-themed furry hoods but also in this case why not invest in something you can wear and use everyday. This luxury coat is very chic and stylish. Definitely not an item for the music festival scene alone. The coat will look great coming out of the package. Made from soft fake fur of the highest quality, this item was designed to keep pace with the temperature extremes.


Keep It Simple With Our Exclusive Designs

If all you need is a shirt, a hoodie or some simple home items to add to your home, I’d recommend you head over here to our exclusive shop or our sister store. This is where all our exclusive dance music themed unique designs are being posted. Some designs include items for your home in addition to a variety of items for men and women. All these are unique designs that I have created as a way to express my love for the music (no matter the genre) and to share with the world. You can expect a variety of shirts, hoodies, mugs, phone cases, stickers, skirts and so much more!


Party Hard, Avoid the Hangover

You know you want to right? Well this simple patch might be the solution you’re looking for.In order for the body to produce energy and metabolism, it needs Thiamin or vitamin B1 without it, nearly every part of the body can feel as though it’s in a state of impairment. Add to that the consumption of alcohol, and you’ll have a depleted level of nutrients. This patch contains 75mg which is slowly absorbed through the skin helping your body maintain sufficient levels.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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