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Enjoy An EDM Festival Experience on a Budget! Here’s How

You’ve been working for weeks, studying or even just looking forward to some unusual free-spirited fun. You know all about Coachella, Ultra Music Festival & Tomorrowland. But right now? That weekend trip to one of those famous EDM festivals will cost you a lot of money, something you currently don’t have enough of.

In recent years, psychologists studying music have uncovered various reasons behind why people attend these mega music festivals, some massive show in the middle of the dessert or visit their neighborhood club whenever they possibly can. One of the most common motivators is the need for escape, socialization and freshness.

You can enjoy a festival on a budget by choosing the right festival you want to attend, booking as early as possible, save on logistics like transportation, accommodation, and your look.

There are also a lot of additional tips to keep in mind, keep reading to learn all about them.

Everyone has the tendency to escape, to reach out for something new, and go for that chance to meet like-minded people who enjoy the same music. You can do that too, even if it might look like you’re about to spend a fortune that you don’t have. A lot of the requirements can add up the cost quickly, but there are several tips and tricks that I go over below to show you how YOU can enjoy an EDM festival for a whole lot less!



It Begins With Your Choice of the Festival


In the recent years, the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene has been on a huge rise. The 2017 sales from festivals and tickets have been grossed around 146,999,963 total tickets with varying money value for each ticket type. This proves that with this amazing growth, a large choice of festivals and events is available for everyone and it is tempting to want to experience as much of them as possible. But you surely know that is not the way to do festival season (at least if you want to save a few bucks).

It is important to decide which aspects of a festival are the most important to you and narrow down the choices from there. Some may not like a full lineup and may prefer another festival’s list of artists; on another hand it may be the available food, the accommodation, the location itself. A good idea is to cross-examine your favorite artists’ locations and events prior to choosing the festival to attend. They might be playing a closer, smaller venue for a fraction of the cost. While it might cost you a few hundred dollars to see Armin Van Buuren at Ultra, you might be able to catch him at a nearby club for a lot less.


It can be hard to budget for one festival than another, with all the choices and artists featured in each so start by finding the right type, with convenient payment options, amenities, lineups…etc. Going to many EDM festivals can be fun, but it shouldn’t be worth putting yourself in a lot of dept.


The Early Bird Catches The Worm


Buy your tickets as early as possible. A lot of the EDM events have pre-sale tickets and early-bird specials for attendees who are planning on saving. A rule of thumb here is to keep an eye out on artists, venue, festival websites and social media accounts for the latest news on ticket prices and deals. Usually, these run out fast so try to buy early.




One of the best ways to save and cut the cost is carpooling. Most of the times, attending an EDM festival is a group activity. Take advantage of being a group of friends to cut the transportation cost by splitting the gas and parking costs. You will also enjoy the benefit of being together along the way since part of the fun is the adventure of getting there.

However, there are times when flying is necessary and unavoidable. If that’s the case, book your flights in advance, as they tend to be cheaper and keep an eye out for travel deals since prices tend to fluctuate a lot.




When it comes to accommodation, whether it is camping in a tent or renting a room, keeping as many of your group of friends together will help cut down on cost. Most EDM festivals have camping facilities on location, and many hotels increase their prices during the festival’s weekend. An inexpensive alternative to the above can also be booking an Airbnb with your friends.

You’re going to an EDM festival to enjoy yourself to the max, do you really have time to sleep? Ignore the resorts and lavish spending on sleep, and focus your budget on the experience. An EDM festival is for making memories. You’ll have enough time to sleep well later on.


Your Festival Look


Festivals can be messy and sweaty, with endless hours of non-stop group activity. A smart choice would be preferable not to buy any new clothes especially for the event, as there is a large chance of ruining them or losing them. Simply put, just drop the idea it’s too complicated better keep it simple. Stick to the comfortable clothes you already have as they will save you the uncomfortable hassle and you can enjoy the event itself as much as you possibly can.

Spice up an old outfit with fresh accessories, colorful additions or play mix and match with other clothes you have lying around to make it look like a new outfit. Excited for the event? Feeling creative? Then why not try a DIY outfit. There are already a lot of great ideas online. Or you can visit local stores like H&M for great festival-ready clothes at great prices! The rule here is to keep things simple, comfortable and easy on the wallet. In the end, you’re attending the event to enjoy yourself and have a good time so don’t let an outfit ruin that experience for you.


Bring Enough Cash


Using the ATM can seem practical but a lot of extra surcharge can add up. Before heading into the festival, make sure you have enough cash on you by planning and figuring out beforehand what you’ll have to pay during the festival. Psychologically speaking, bringing too much money endorses overspending, and you’ll have to face the risk of losing it as well.


Ignore The Merch Stand


You can get the merchandise or that new CD for cheaper online or in stores. It will only be a few days before you get back to the real world and you get to buy and enjoy these at a much lower price. This is where companies usually make a whole lot of extra cash, so stick to your plan and you will come out a winner. If you’d like to buy some items (not necessarily for a festival but for your home as well) we recommend checking out the unique designs here.


Alcohol During, Not Before


The extra alcohol will do more harm than good. What’s the point of arriving to the festival drunk or tipsy after drinking endless bottles of your favorite drink? Everyone is excited and wants to loosen up a bit (which can be done reasonably during the event). Spending extra money on those “few” bottles adds a risk on your way to the festival before it even starts (road accident, drunk driving, being stopped by the police…etc). It also risks your admission to the event itself; the bouncer at the door can simply refuse your entry for many reasons including your own safety. Enjoy the drink during the event and you’ll save yourself a lot more than just the cash.


Help The Festival


A lot of the large EDM festivals usually ask for volunteers to help out during the event. This surely might sound like you’re working for free but volunteers are usually given admission tickets, discounts and other incentives to help around during the event. You’ll definitely still be able to enjoy the music and the festival, as you won’t be asked to work the entire day.

A great idea would be to check out the event’s website for news and announcements on that matter or even a full section dedicated to volunteers with all the juicy details on how to take part. Keep in mind that you should keep checking these early since the spots fill up quite fast (as fast as some events sell out sometimes).


Scout For Cheaper Tickets


Logically, this is a risky move since a lot of the times you’ll have to wait for tickets that are being sold at the last minute by people who are unable to attend for whatever reason. You might find tickets at face value if you wait long and you end up being lucky enough but keep in mind some of those might end up being scalpers or people with fraudulent tickets.

A safe alternative is eBay. Sometimes you might find tickets to sold-out shows, or simply at a cheaper price and it is a safer option since eBay ensures buyer’s protection. But this tip remains a last minute option even if there is always a chance of ending up with a great last-minute deal.


On The Lookout For Giveaways


A lot of the local radio and television stations, event partners and sponsors will do a lot of advertising for the upcoming event and some will give out tickets for free which you can try to win for yourself. Surely, this does not insure that you attend the event and your chances of winning are quite slim but sometimes it might pay off.

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