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How To Prepare For An EDM Festival

EDM festivals can be a little intimidating, especially if it is your first time experiencing such a major event. So, before you attend one of the greatest events of your life and as you get yourself ready for the big day, it is important to do a little research and make sure you have all what you need to know covered.


In the below article we will help you prepare for an EDM Festival by discussing this list of tips and what you need to do to be physically and mentally ready and make sure the experience is the best:

• Have All The Information Ready

• Know The Artist Lineup

• Meet New People

• Be Physically Prepared & Hydrate

• Protect Your Hearing

• Wear Comfortable Shoes

• We Recommend You Bring THIS!

• Keep These Items In Mind


In most cases, you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors, with new people in addition to your friends and so it will be important to know how to keep your body in check. Staying hydrated, getting your accessories and clothes ready, making sure your belongings are safe. You will need to get ready to listen to fresh new music and enjoy those tracks from your beloved artists. We recommend looking into the festival lineup to plan your experience accordingly, knowing who’s playing, at what time and on what stage. Make sure your group of friends know exactly what they will be doing and what stages you will be visiting. In addition to all of the above, you should know how to stay comfortable by wearing something casual and easy to put on (and change from).

Let’s get into the details of some great tips and tricks on how to prepare for an amazing EDM festival experience.


Don’t Miss The Information


This goes without saying: make sure you have all the needed information before the day of the event. Visit the festival’s website and make sure you check everything you need, from the parking locations, to the opening hours, camping site details, food details…etc. Make sure you’re not missing anything since you will be spending at least a full night (other times it’s a whole weekend) at the festival so it’s best to have everything in check.

Usually, the festival website will provide you with all the needed information. They will have tips on what to expect on the day, what items to bring yourself, what are the items or services provided in addition to any extra cost details…etc Some festivals offer services like paying with your wristbands so you can avoid having cash with you, which might provide you with more flexibility and safety, at times you’ll know more about charging stations, art galleries, music merchandise that your favorite artist will have on location. All these details will be available to you on the festival’s website or social media pages, so make sure you’re not missing out on any detail.


Know the Lineup


Since festivals give you a lot of flexibility regarding what artist you can enjoy, It is helpful to read the current news about specific EDM artists that will be performing at the festival. Know what are the lineups, stages and music styles that you can enjoy. Pick which ones you and your friends are the most excited to see and stick to those, create your personal artists schedule to make sure you don’t miss out on any of those and wasting time on acts you’re not interested in.

On another hand, it is also nice to be a little adventurous and seeing new artists and not just the ones you know about. By broadening your scope, of the lineup you are guaranteed an even better time and who knows? Maybe you will have a new favorite artist. Be opened to new performers you never know what you will discover. EDM festivals are a time to live and enjoy the moment, let the music take you away and make you discover new grounds and new territories. For so many people, music is their sanctuary. It is key to enjoy the music, discover new artists and tracks. Enjoying the amazing scenery and venue, and most importantly enjoy oneself is the main purpose here.


Stick With Your Group But Make New Friends As Well


EDM festivals are such a great opportunity for a group of friends to enjoy themselves, camp together, dance and have fun. But it is also a great opportunity to expand and make new like-minded friends with people who love the same artists and music. Sticking with your group of friends is important, safer and more fun. You know them, can share detailed moments with them, can create new memories around what’s happening live to all of you together. Staying with your friends will also help you to enjoy and play with maximum energy. People can get lost easily in such varied and big crowds of people which usually come from all over the world to witness the same festival.



Be Physically Prepared And Hydrate!


EDM festivals are intense and long experiences, so it is crucial to get your body prepared for all the fun it’s about to have. You will probably be dancing for 10 hours straight, so focus on stretching your back and lower legs throughout your festival experience. And usually before the day of the event as well.

Build up your immune system, get enough sleep and load up your body with vitamins (we recommend rave hydration supplements to replenish), fruits and vegetables. Feeling down and not having the energy during a festival is not fun and can be easily avoided.

A lot of negative stories that come out of the festival scene are due to the lack of hydration. It is important to always have water with you. Water and electrolytes are very critical to the functioning of our bodies, which is why it is important to rehydrate while your body is sweating out those nutrients along with toxins. An EDM festival takes a lot out of your body, so take care of it and pay attention to it’s needs. Festivals are about being wild and free, not about waving and screaming all day long. Don’t be embarrassed if you can’t be like that, especially if its your first time attending. Make sure you rest when needed, you can enjoy the music while sitting for a few minutes. Drink lots of water to regain your physical and mental condition quickly. Dehydration and electrolyte imbalances can cause muscle cramps, dizziness, and headaches all of which you do not want. Many festivals have free water refill stations so bring your bottle or hydration pack and fill up!


Protect Your Hearing


We cannot stress on this enough: protecting your hearing should be of the utmost priority. Hearing damage is irreversible and protecting your ears will not diminish at all from your festival sound experience. So buy earplugs, we have a full detailed article on this subject, which you can check out here. Earplugs come in a lot of inexpensive options, some are even easy to buy from your local drug store.


Save Your Feet From Pain


It’s quite simple, wear comfortable shoes along with having a comfortable outfit (and change). Along with standing and dancing for long hours, festivals are huge. You might find yourself walking for long distances as well. You could be at one end of the venue and need to walk to the other end to catch your favorite artist, and then back again later. Avoid blisters and fatigue by wearing and bringing with you comfortable shoes (we recommend ASICS as they have a lot of great comfortable shoes for any activity for both men and women). On another hand, it is important to also note that it would really help to have a pair that you’re willing to get stepped on or simply you’re comfortable with. Festivals are crowded and chaotic so we don’t recommend buying new branded and expensive shoes just for the event.


You Must Bring This!


You will find that it is a must to have all your important stuff safely with you during the shows while you’re dancing and enjoying yourself. So bring with you a fanny pack (look at the colors of this, they’re just perfect!). It is a small bag for carrying things that are worn with a strap which goes around a person’s waist. It brings you freedom and flexibility to do anything else while carrying the important items with you without worrying about the weigh. It is one of the essential things you have to take care of before buying anything else for the festival.


Notable Mentions

In addition to the above list of items, it is important to mention a few more items and tips you should take note of:

Personal Space:

Make sure you’re respectful of other’s space, avoid pushing and follow the basic psychological contract with the crowd.


Extra Batteries:

Chargers, Power banks and the like are useful should you run out of batteries during the event and need to stay in contact with your peers or to take pictures. Long days and many photos and videos will probably lead to a drained battery quickly. It will suck, so be prepared.


Extra Money:

You might want to buy merchandise, food or water. Safely keep with you emergency money in case anything goes wrong.



In addition to the water, have some snacks with you (in your fanny pack or backpack maybe?) if you’re feeling drowsy, down or hungry. This would come in handy if you want to regain your physical and mental condition quickly.


And last but not least, don’t be too self-conscious. Be confident and enjoy the experience. Whether it’s dancing wildly, hoping and swaying, even nodding your head a lot or simply standing still and watching the performance, do what feels best for you. Nobody’s there to judge you, everyone wants to have a good time.

Make the best out of the experience and enjoy it to max!

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  1. My friends and I are planning to attend a music festival, which is why we’re currently looking for an event where a lot of celebrities will perform. Well, you made a pretty good point that it will be best to check the website for all the needed information. We’ll also keep in mind to check the lists of artists that will attend the event because we might not enjoy everyone’s playlist.

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