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Dancing Gear: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide For EDM Festival Addicts

Buying music festival dancing gear can get tricky. You can either buy good quality products the first time, or you can waste your money until you finally get something of quality that will last you for years.

This is a pretty thorough post with a lot of information, but here’s the short version of my recommendation on festival dancing gear: It’s worth spending a little more on quality items. While festival-goers who push hard or want to spend the big bucks will see nice benefits in the higher-priced items, you can really get a good bargain on some of the needed gear and save a few hundred dollars in total. My recommendation for a variety of good quality dance music gear for a reasonable price starts with the feet, specifically with the Adidas Ultra Boost, available for men & women (click on the links to see them on Amazon). Experienced ravers (and EDC reddit group members) recommend these quite often, or generally, a good pair of athletic shoes. But you can’t go wrong with a pair of quality Adidas shoes. These will make sure you can dance around and move freely without causing any foot pain, which can affect your whole festival experience. In the below article we will also discuss dancing outfits and accessories which we highly recommend.



Why I choose The Adidas Ultra Boost?


These ultra boost are very comfortable, look great and let your feet breathe. During a music festival, your feet will be subjected to long hours of heavy activity, jumping and dancing, sometimes even running. So your feet will need enough spring and comfort. If you are looking for a COMFORTABLE shoe with bounce and roomy toe boxed this might just be the pair you need. You can rely on them to not give you blisters. They are a bit pricey but have a long life span and absolutely worth the investment if you walk a lot, go to a lot of music festivals and are somewhat the active kind of person.


Go For LED Shoes


If you’re on the more adventurous side, and would love to add some glam and attention to your outfit, maybe you would consider checking out these nice Unisex LED shoes from ODEMA in New York. Made for both men and women, they boast seven static color modes and one changing color mode. They will last 8 hours so you need not worry about them running out throughout the night. These Shoes have the brightest LED available with each pair including multiple LED Colors being Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, purple, aqua and white. The Shoes are backed by a sixty-day warranty. So why not grab a pair today and be the envy of your friends and all your new fans at the next festival!


Dancing Tights For Men and Women


Check out these Game Gear Compression Pants which can be a great fit for sports and dancing. They are shiny and smooth and extremely comfortable and have 4-way stretch for enhanced full range of motion which make them perfect for long hours of intense body activity. Geared for cross training, they will handle easily the flexibility and movement of your dancing at the festivals. On the other hand, their fabric and material is moisture wicking which transports heat and sweat away from the body, what more can you ask for?

On another hand, you can also check out this nice pair of shorts from Game Gear if the above pants are not what you’re really looking for. These have the same moisture wicking fabric, are 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex, and have four-way stretch as well. You can easily cold wash them and hang them to dry after returning from a long weekend of dancing and walking.


Consider A Good Jersey


For the people out there who’d like to go for a “heavy-duty” jersey, you’ll probably enjoy this nice reversible jersey, especially for the price. The Game Gear company made these available for men and women (boys and girls). Their quality is very good, and will handle the long hours of dancing and activity. They wash great and do not fade like other jerseys. These come in a variety of colors with an open bottom for the option of screen printing anything on them. Festival attendees can add any message or design to them which makes them perfect for personalization. We love that!


Dancing Wings: For A Unique & Fun Outfit Twist


Add a fun and unique touch to your whole festival experience by going for these amazing and beautifully elegant Light up Isis Wings. Create gorgeous shows for yourself and your friends with your wings as you dance the night away. They also look stunning during the day making them dual purpose. The Wings are easy to use and create beautiful flowing effects with the telescopic control wands. The LED Component in these wings is powered by 3 AAA Batteries, which are not included with the sale. They use a very safe low voltage (4.5V) and can control the light effect to create a huge visual experience for on lookers. Imagine how you’ll make new friends and meet new people just by wearing these!

The Isis dancing wings come in 14 different solid colors or color gradient styles to choose from being: White, Gold, Green – Blue – Red, Purple – red – yellow, Red – yellow – green – blue – purple, purple – blue – green – yellow – red, green, yellow, blue, purple, red – yellow – green – blue, white, White – Child, Colorful – child. Included in the package: one LED Isis Wings, one pair of telescopic control poles and one drawstring bag for carriage and storage when not in use.



Smart LED Hula Hoopes


Speaking of grabbing attention, this Kinetic LED Hula Hoop is one of the most vibrant attention grabbing and technologically advanced smart hoop available. It can even be customized to the size you want. The hoop has 100+ super bright LEDs, 40 modes per cycle with 100+ available modes. It comes with two batteries that last all night long and even has protective/grip tape so it doesn’t slip. Caitlyn, an avid festival attendee, owns one and recommends it highly saying: “I go to festivals all the time and it is very sturdy for when you get a little crazy with it or let someone else play with it.”


Invest In Over Sneaker Socks


If you want to dance in your most comfortable kicks for better support but still be able to turn like a dancer, now you can. Meet The Dancesocks! These were created out of the need to safely twist and turn in sneakers while dancing. Sneakers are designed for forward and backward motion like running, not the pivoting required in all dance forms a lot of which you’re doing during an EDM festival. The DanceSocks go over sneakers so you can stop sticking, pivot freely and avoid injury to ankles & knees.

They are a one-size fits all item for men and women, designed to be paired with regular tread sneakers so use as much of your sneaker sole as desired for traction.  Only cover the area needed to twist and turn.   We suggest starting conservatively using more grip until you get use to the feel.  The DanceSocks will increase the range of motion of your sneakers so always test placement before dancing. The ones at the link here are made for well maintained smooth surfaces like wood, marley. You can check out here for the ones made for dancing on carpeted floors.

If you want to turn effortlessly, reduce stress on your knees, and wear whatever sneakers are best for your feet, these are definitely for you.


Ankle Dance Socks For Women


Speaking of socks, women can check out these Ankle Dance Socks. They’re specifically made for dancing. These hug the arch of your foot and have a seamless design and feel. If you’re looking for socks that complement your dancing routines and heavy dance activity during the festival, these might be a good pair to consider.


Camisole Bra


This top is beautiful. It can be worn under your favorite top or, if you’re going out to impress, wear it with shorts or a little skirt. You will be noticed. It’s also great as an outerwear sports bra, stylish and functional. A lot of customers were pleasantly surprised with the quality and colors. A good recommendation to check out.


Seamless Clear Back Strap Bra


Ladies, this is probably something you might have been looking for. Introducing the Capezio Seamless Bra made especially for dancers. It’s a heavy duty undergarment that is sleek, supportive, modest, and contours beautifully for a secure natural look. It also dries quickly and moves with the body.

The bra has a possibility to customize the fit and look with either the clear or fabric adjustable shoulder straps. It is important to note that compared to the regular bras in the market, this seamless bra has a DanceFresh® antimicrobial protection, minimal seams, darts, and elastic applications.


Adult Harem Pants For Women


Check out these Nathalie Dancewear Adult Harem Pants. The fabric is heavy duty and will not look used with several washing and weeks of use. They are clearly not a luxury item, but more like light sweats or legging material, and are perfect for dance or relaxation. They look great with a crop top as well, a good combination if you’re going for that look at the music festival. The material is thin, in a good way and not the cheap way. Its texture feels like cotton, and the whole item has a comfy feel to it with the drop in the crotch and back area is just enough but not too much.


Cargo Pants For Her


A lot of women usually go for the cargo pants, it keeps their skin breathing and their feet feeling fresh and away from the sticky sweaty feeling when in a packed dance floor. Get funky in this lightweight cargo pants which is made from 100% polyester and features a drawstring waist and hemline. The pockets are a good depth, and the fabric is nice, airy and soft without the annoying swishing sound you get with a lot of tracksuit type materials.


Pullover Hoodie For Men


Say hello to you new favorite fleece hoodie. With reduced pilling and shrinkage, this style will keep its great look wash after wash. With super soft fabric and a modern silhouette, you’ll surely not regret have it around at your next EDM festival. It’s neither too light nor too heavy in weight. It is great for fall, for winter as well when you can layer below it as you please. It’s a quality product for a great price.

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